Q: I am very tired. Are you promising quick results?

A: Pretty much! You’ll fill out a questionnaire on your child’s current routine and sleep challenges, and I will design a tailored sleep plan. We have our consultation which is very thorough and equips you to put the plan in place, and then I am there to support you from Day 1 onwards. On average, most of my bubs and toddlers are sleeping through by around night 3, and day naps are well established by the end of the fortnight. (This can vary, some have slept through after 6 nights, and some on night 1 – go little champs!)


Q: I am trying to decide between a sleep consultant or residential sleep school, which is best?

A: Sleep centres have helped many families, however to me it’s always preferable to get great new routines into place at home, in the child’s own room & environment, without the disruption of moving to a strange environment for several days. I’ve worked with families who have tried centres and who much preferred working one-on-one with a sleep consultant, who could come to their house, and tailor a sleep plan around their life and their unique child.


Q: Do you recommend CIO?

A: No I don’t – in basic terms the Cry It Out/extinction method is when you leave your child to cry and don’t return to the room at all until they fall asleep, so this is not a common technique used with the Sleep Sense Method. Our techniques are gentle and tailored around your level of comfort with protest (crying) and how you’d like to manage it. I won’t ask you to leave your bub alone crying for even one minute if you aren’t comfortable with that idea.


Q: I feel embarrassed about getting a sleep consultant, are you discreet?

A: Yes! The neighbours won’t even know I’m visiting, because my car does not say The Sleep Angel! I also offer Skype or phone consultations. I won’t use your name on social media, and afterwards you can choose to leave a public testimonial on facebook or not, completely up to you.


Q: We’re a FIFO family and I am struggling with doing this alone, can you offer extra support?

A: I’ve worked with loads of FIFO families, and some mums prefer to put the new plan in place while dad is away (sometimes with support of friend or grandma) and I’m like your other partner for 2 weeks, I will support you! I do offer a First Night SMS service, if you’d like a little more support, see my Packages page.


Q: Your packages say “unlimited emails” in the support period – is that really the case?

A: Absolutely, that’s a key part of the service! Some of my clients I hear from just two or three times in that period, and some prefer to get in touch daily (or twice daily) with sleep logs and updates. I promise to answer every single email within 24 business hours, during your support period.


Q: I don’t want my baby to cry. Is this going to involve hours of crying?

A: The short answer is no. Every child is different but the Sleep Sense Method is designed to gently & consistently provide the perfect routine and environment for sleep that your child naturally requires, so crying is minimised. A lot of mums have told me how concerned they are about crying, but once we’ve had a long chat about the why’s and how’s of crying, they are no longer as worried. (And I don’t want your baby to cry much either!)


Q: Will you take my child home with you and bring them back when they are sleeping 12 hours?

A: Haha, I have lost count of how many mums have asked me this! If my husband would let me, the answer would probably be yes – especially with newborns, I am always clucky!


More questions? Feel free to contact me!


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