Success Stories

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“Thank you so much for your guidance over the past 2 weeks your patience, support, words of encouragement and gentle approach has been fantastic. I was really unsure about getting help as I thought I somehow was failing as a mummy.. ( far out I should know how to get my baby to sleep!) I’d lost confidence and decision making skills ( sleep deprivation) I now am so proud of my self that I called you and sought help, you brought me back from a place I really did not like, you taught me to be confident again and showed us the skills to show baby how to sleep. He is doing amazing and it was fairly easy on all of us. I feel great I’m sleeping soundly at night ( as is baby ) and best of all my bubba is happy and eating super well. Your Facebook suggestion really popped up at the right time for me! Thank god.
Thanks for everything you really have transformed my little family. You’re a super star and like the name suggests a sleep angel.” A & baby B
“Athena saved my life! Well… maybe not my life but definitely my sanity. Our 7 month old boy was waking every 3 hours for a feed even though he was not hungry, it was just habit. We tried everything but nothing worked! Thank goodness for Athena “my angel” who talked us through the steps we needed to take and I couldn’t believe it, after a quick cry on the very first night he slept for 10 hours! (I did not as I kept checking on him!) and the following night 12 hours! I feel like we have gotten our lives back and I am actually a happy, functioning human again not a sleep-deprived robot on auto pilot! I cannot recommend Athena enough and wish every family all the best. I was nervous and it did take work but it is sooo worth it in the end. Thank you Athena x” F & baby T
“Our lives have been changed. I am a worry-wart and a sook, I am also extremely hard on myself and I am desperate to be the best mum possible. I was so scared to go to the sleep angel, and it took me over a week to decide. This decision was the best my husband and I ever made. Athena was kind, understanding, personable, so supportive, and willing to develop a plan that suited our needs and concerns. After night 1 on Athena’s plan, our little champion was sleeping 11-12hrs a night, after waking to feed 3-4 times a night for 9 months. I emailed her constantly and she always replied with helpful and insightful advice and tips (never making me feel like I was annoying her, even though I probably was lol). I feel like I have succeeded and made such progress as a Mum, and I know my little girl is getting so much, desperately needed, sleep. Thank you thank you thank you.. We are new people, and my husband and I have time alone together now. So happy.” E & baby M

“Thanks to The Sleep Angel we have gone from sleeping on me for a couple of short naps a day if I was lucky to 3 proper naps in her cot and 12 hour nights we are all so much happier thank you again x x” C & baby H


“Wow! What a difference! Our 4 year old boy was extremely difficult to put to bed and was a very early riser!! As in 4.45 am!! A friend highly recommended The Sleep Angel and I can’t thank you enough!! It was a simple solution that as a mother of 3 boys, I should’ve thought of!! Clearly I was sleep deprived! Our guy is now going to bed easier than ever and is staying in his room til his sleep clock tells him it’s ok!! Thank you thank you thank you!!” D


“Our little man was waking 2-6 times and we were at our wits end on how to change and then this angel came scrolling through my Facebook!!! We are at night 8 of our new routine and I don’t think this house has had this much sleep. We can’t thank you enough Athena for helping Hudson but also mummy, daddy and Nanna 🙂 now I just have to learn how to sleep through the night hehe…” A & baby H


“We were put in touch with Athena through a friend. Our baby (1 year old) was waking up 2-3 times a night and wanting a bottle. We knew she didn’t need them nutritionally, but we had no idea how to break the cycle and get her to sleep through the night on her own. Athena gave us a plan that we were comfortable with, there were different options for us to choose from, depending on our level of comfort. After the first night, she was sleeping right through the night without a bottle and even self-settling for her naps. It has taken us a bit longer to get out of the habit of waking up every few hours, but eventually we will get there too! We are so grateful to Athena for her assistance, her humour and the sleep plan that was quite thoughtfully put together with our baby’s needs in mind. Thank you!” J & baby S


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