Why Use a Sleep Consultant

If you answer YES! to  two or more of the following questions, then maybe it’s time for a little help from The Sleep Angel…


1. My little one is either fussy or grumpy a lot, is not feeding as well as they should/not interested in solids, and is generally not thriving

2. I can’t remember the last time I had a solid night’s sleep

3. Once upon a time my partner and I had time at night to eat an uninterrupted dinner and could snuggle on the couch & watch a movie – not any more!

4. I’ve read a few sleep books and have found the routines are too strict or have found the techniques too hard to put in place on my own (especially being so tired) and mostly have just ended up confusing myself!

5. I’m starting to worry that my little one’s health is being affected by not having proper sleep

6. Friends or family have commented that they’re concerned about MY health, wellbeing or lack of energy

7. Sometimes I sleep on the floor next to bub’s cot because I am too exhausted to bother going back to bed

8. It sounds bad but I’m not feeling as ‘in love’ with my bub as I thought I would

9. I dread bedtime because I know I’ll be up again in 2 hours, or 4 hours… the uncertainty drives me insane

10. It’s possible that post-natal depression is lurking. I feel guilty that I can’t sort this out myself, am anxious all the time, often cry at night due to tiredness and feel like I’m in a bubble all by myself.


You might feel that all of these apply to you, and don’t fret – I have been there myself! (I remember frantically trying to express at least one bottle of milk a day so I could at least get a stretch of sleep at some point, thanks to daddy or grandma doing a feed for me. I also remember crying at bedtimes, and one night nearly rocking my son right out of his bassinette in my frustration at trying to get him to fall asleep.) I am here to help, so please do get in touch!


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